Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Closely watch how the candidates run their campaigns. Then ask yourself, who runs their campaign with integrity...

I must be crazy, but to me, how the candidate runs their campaign, is a window into how they would run our country. If they use scare tactics, then they will use those same tactics to manipulate public opinion. If they use integrity, then they will have integrity in the White House. Then after I watch and listen, the choice is clear. Lets look at some examples...

One of many examples of the integrity of Obama...
When Sarah Palin's teenage daughter came up pregnant, Obama's response was one of integrity. He said that the candidates family is off limits. Now who besides me, just KNOWS that if Obama had a teenage daughter that was pregnant all hell would break loose.

One example of the lack of integrity of McCain...
Obama is so squeeky clean, all the opposing candidate can do, is scrutinize anyone that Obama comes into contact with. Rev. Jeremiah Wright. A man who served our country. In 1963 joined the Marine Corps. Two years later served in the Navy, and entered the corpsman school at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center. Where he was trained to be a cardiopulmonary technician, and was so dangerous,(sarcasm:) that he was assigned as part of the medical team charged with care of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Before leaving his position in 1967, he received a letter of thanks from the White House physician Vice Admiral Burkley on behalf of the President. Because this man has some opinions, that are not what we would call "mainstream". Let's be honest how many people have not had moments where they have questioned our government, or their motives? Anyway my point is the only thing they can "dig" up about Obama, is his pastor didn't agree with the government on a few issues. I thought we had freedom of speech in this country, much less the freedom to disagree with our government. If McCain thinks its wrong to disagree with our government and to voice those opinions, then he's not the President for me. To be patriotic is to question your government, other wise they have nothing to answer to, and become a dictatorship.

Just some food for thought, that is while it is still legal.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


Wright's service to his country should be commended. It's not so much what he did in 1967 so much as it is his views as an influential pastor, for the succeeding past decades.

His views are his own. Not Obama's. But what does it say about Obama, if he's embraced Wright's church for 20+ years? Called him his spiritual mentor? Oprah felt uncomfortable enough with Wright's views to leave the Church. Why not Obama? Only after Wright became a political issue for him, did he let go of his longtime reverend.

I thought we had freedom of speech in this country, much less the freedom to disagree with our government.

We do have that. But why is freedom of speech a one-way street? Don't people have the "freedom of speech" to speak out against Reverend Wright? And to question Obama's judgment in his alliance- not "guilt by association"- with Wright?

The government isn't stifling his freedom of speech, is it?

Why is it when criticism from the right is given to those on the left, suddenly it's "my freedom of speech is under assault!"?

If McCain thinks its wrong to disagree with our government and to voice those opinions, then he's not the President for me.

When has McCain brought up Wright? Did he mention Ayers last night? Should his freedom of speech be stifled by demanding that he not bring up these two men into the debate? Where has he said you, Erika, should shut up?

Stephanie Colvert said...

This is why I hope Obama wins. He is clean compared to McCain and Palin, and all they can do is say he has ties to terrorism because he served on the same committee of a man who committed acts WAY back in the 60's and 70's. Obama was 7 when this all went down.

Scott said...

I am actually of two minds on what you said about this. While I agree that it is ridiculous to judge someone harshly because someone they are connected to someone who said something questionable. That said, I think there is no harm in looking into the company one keeps especially when they have the potential to be the leader of the United States. If only to later find out if they agree or not with their partner. Of course, not agreeing with the government would never be a deal breaker for me.

I hope you keep up the blog even though the election is finished, I'll be interested to see what you think when Obama takes office.

the common man said...

I am alittle confused. You say you hope Obama wins on Nov. 4th, yet in your blog on Nov. 6th, you say you are sad that Obama won, and go on to call him a terrorist, all due to his name, and that he is a muslim, which is totally not true.