Monday, October 6, 2008

Prisoner of war/President of the United States.

Has anyone considered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, when it comes to John McCain? First, I would like to say, I respect his record as a war veteran, and all that he has endured as a prisoner of war. On the flip side, however, that same record of service has a potentially traumatic effect on the stability of his long term mental health, that should be taken into consideration when choosing the leader for the free world. Varying degrees of PTSD can occur among different types of soldiers. A follow up study was completed by Patricia B. Sutker of the New Orleans Veterans Admisnistration Medical Center, that revealed "intense, prolonged stress may cause long-lasting psychiatric disorders in almost anyone." In her study, she evaluated the current mental status of 22 pows and 22 combat veterans of the Korean war to see which group was more susceptible to PTSD. The pows spent an average of 28 months in captivity, while the combat veterans spent an average of 14 months on the front lines. The results revealed that prisoners of war are at a much greater risk of developing PTSD than combat veterans. JOHN MCCAIN WAS A POW FOR OVER 6 YEARS. How likely is it he suffers form Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Here are some of the symptoms of PTSD. Paranoid reactions, difficulty concentrating, hyper vigilance, which is a feeling of being anxious or on edge all of the time, dissociation, thoughts of suicide, and OCCUPATIONAL INCAPACIATION. Dept. of defense psychiatrist Dr. (Lt. Col.) Elspeht Cameron Rithche says that "if you have colleagues with you, you do alot better than if you are isolated." By his own account in his book Faith of my Fathers, he was isolated and attempted suicide. Now I don't know about anyone else, but personally, I don't want the President of the United States to have a paranoid reaction with his finger on the button, and send us into yet another senseless war.

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The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Has anyone considered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, when it comes to John McCain?

McCain was subjected to this question in the 2000 Election. I believe a full medical checkup and release of his medical records cleared him of this notion.